Almost all Whites with the name Wilson is Cherokee according to Wikipedia ancestry charts see below under (W) Wilson name in blue is a Cherokee name.

F) Slavs are Canaanites & are not Slavic/Slovenian Gentiles Trump. Slavs hate Slovians! like our Wonderful 1st lady Melania Trump Slavs are white Canaanites & cannot Suntan & Slovenians are White European Gentiles who can suntan & are actually Hebrew because Japheth The youngest son of Noah was Hebrew because his father Noah was Hebrew Gen.10:1-5 The chosen ones of God Gen.9:18-24, Rom.9:19-32, 1Cor.12:12-13, Isa.60:1-5 & Act.19:Ch.----------------------------------------------------------------

​​G) Ashkenazi & some Sephardic Jews are Blessed

Europeans & some Sephardic & Khazar Jews that are rejected Cannon/ Ishmael Jews Hate The Blessed Jews like

Jared & Ivanka--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Incas are Canaanites which are phoenicians

Pictures of Cherokee Chief Bill Baker------------------

Darren Wilson who shot Mike Brown is a Cherokee white Indian