the Phoenicians (Hagarenes) who came to the Americas on Ships called themselves the Aztecs & Incas & the American Indians & are the red skin ones called Aztecs. Some look extra White are Canaanites & to hide called themselves the Incas, (. ) who had to run to hide because the Spaniards & Mayans were trying to destroy them to stop them from Cannibolizing the Mayans (Gentiles) & now the Aztecs & Incas are in America called the Cherokee, Seminole, Chickasaw, Choctaw & Creek Indians etc. All these people were called the Phoenicians (Hagarenes) who took the Americas by violence from Shem Black Hebrews & Japheth the White Gentiles incorrectly called Indians who were called the"Others"(Peaceful Indians). The White Gentiles & Black Hebrews (Shem) were in the Americas first before the Phoenicians & was mistakenly & some deliberately called Indians when they were so-called discovered in Americas by Europeans who when they got to America thought they were in India because they were looking for India, but these So-called Indians were actually a mixture of Black Hebrews, Orientals & White Gentiles who came to The Americas to Repopulate Earth so when they walked on the mini ice age land bridge from Europe over to the Americas going through Siberia into Alaska, then into the Americas as is proven by the artifacts left by Gentile/Europeans/Vikings & Shem the Oriental & Black Hebrews on their Journey to the Americas to Repopulate the America's side of Earth Gen.9:18-22. Those Travelers are called the Eskimos that remained in Alaska & the Travelers who continued south became the Hopi, Taino (Latino) & Mayan Indians these are the descendants of Japheth the White Gentiles & Shem the Black & Oriental Hebrews). The Gentiles with Shem came to the Americas to repopulate the earth with the animals that Noah & his 3 Sons Shem, Ham & Japheth had gathered from around the world. & after they Traveled, Mapped & Navigated the earth to get all the animals to bring back to the ark Gen. chapter:6. Then after the Flood Shem & Japheth had to go & put the animals back in the areas that they came from to Repopulate the Earth Gen.9:18-20. Remember Ham was disinherited (cast out) because of disrespecting his father Noah Gen.9:18-29. Shem went South to the Middle East to Africa & Japheth & some of Shem went North with Japheth going to Europe Gen.10:1-5 & Shem & Japheth continued North East to Siberia over the land bridge into the Americas, especially after the volcano dust covered Europe blocking the Sun for 1000 years causing a miniature Ice Age to make a Ice Bridge between Siberia & Alaska into the Americas with Japheth (Gentiles) & Shem=Blacks & Orientals the children of Lot Abraham's Nephew. Lot is the father Moab & Ammon the Chinese & Japanese (URL #2 pic.8-14) & Abraham is the Great Grandson of Shem the Shemites Gen. ch. 10&11. This explains why the Eskimos, Hopi, Tiano, Mayan so-called Indians etc. have Dark skin with Gentile & Oriental Features. We occupied the Americas first to repopulate the Earth with the animals that belonged in the areas they came from, because God YAHWEH flooded & Killed everybody animals & people in the Americas & the World even the people who where in the Americas 11,000 years ago were drowned in the Flood, So Noah & his Sons were commissioned by the Creator YAHWEH to Repopulate Earth excluding the Rebel Sons Ham & Canaan. Then after They did all the work of replenishing & repopulating the earth with Shem going south & Japheth going North all over Earth from Jerusalem the Capital & center of earth Ezekiel 5:5. Then the Phoenicians came to the Americas on ships & built Pyramids & started conquering the Mayans & started blood sacrificing & eating Mayans (Shem in the South & Japheth Gentiles in North America). These Cannibols that came to the Americas on Ships are the Phoenicians a mixture of Red Skinned Ishmael father of the East Indians, Arabs & Middle Easterners who while in the Americas called themselves Aztecs, those with the very White Skin was Cannon the father of the Carthagens & Arcadians who called themselves Incas. Aztecs & Incas had to Run after the Spaniards & Mayans discovered that they were Canibolizing (Eating) Mayans (Shem & Japheth Gentiles) the Spanards & Mayans Destroyed the Phoenician Cities & they ran into North America & renamed themselves again calling themselves Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, Chickasaw & Choctaw Indians. these are the Brown & Red skin Ishmaelites & the extra White Canaanites who were cursed White for Raping Noah Gen.9:18-26 like Hillary/Bill Clinton & the over White Racist Cherokees in Oklahoma who Discriminate against Blacks even until this day. White Canaanites (Black Ham's Cursed White. Son) are a totally different Seed Line of People who are the White Gentiles (Japheth). who fought the Civil War to FREE his brother the Black Man (Shem the true Jew=Judah Dan.5:13 -16 says Jewry is Judea=Judah, Jer.14:2 & Jer. 13:19 & Gen.15:13, Deut.28:68, Black Judah was wholly Carried away to Slavery on Ships for 400 years & only Blacks of America fit that Discription. The people who call themselves Jews & go into Synagogs are not Jews (Judah) they are Sarphardic= Ishmael, Esau & Cannon false Jews Rev.3:9, Obidiah Chapter 1.
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​the Phoenicians (Hagarenes) who came to the Americas on Ships called themselves the Aztecs & Incas & the American Indians & are the red skin ones called Aztecs