ALL THE BLACK LEADERS THAT LOVE REPUBLICANS                    & TRUMP & Hate Hillary & Democrates

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See or for the Truth
Hillary calls Blacks Super Predators as an excuse to do what her husband did, put 1.2 million more blacks in Jail. The day after Bill Clinton won election black leaders was arrested like YBY & black followers


1.  Minister Farakahn hates Clinton: Destroying Haitians & Kadafi--------


1A.  YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH only helped Republicans & said no Jew

Votes for the Nazi party, no Cuban votes for Castro Regime & Blacks should never Vote for the Democrat Party every politician in those

picts. he helped was a Republican.---------------------------------------------


1B.  Malcolm X says if you vote Democrat you are a traitor to the black race.----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

2.  See biggest Black Stars Support Pres. Trump---------------------------


3. Minister Farrakah is for Trump-----------------------------------------------

4. Black Lives Matter leader & Founder is Against Clinton--------------


5. Dr. Cornel West is against Clinton see ------------------------------------


6. Black Liberation Marchers Chant 'Don't Vote for Hillary, Killing Black People.--------------------------------------------------------------------------

7. Black Leaders say Hillary is the Racists See URL below.--------------


8. Jesse Jackson thanks Trump for helping Black People for 30 yrs.--------


9. US General Colon Powell Is against Hillary Clinton. See URL below.----


10.  Stephen A. Smith Black NFL Star Commentator is for Trump.---

11.  Black panther leader supports trump-----------------------------------

12.  Blacks & Latino Stars for Like Ice Cube, Mike Tyson, Hershel Walker etc.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------