Blacks for Trump needs your help with donations to help us travel across the country to support President Trump & his Rallies & to counter protest all of the protesters against Trump & his policies.  black & white must unite. Our unity must be seen to destroy the lie that the Republicans are racist. When we stood behind Mr. Trump during the election we destroyed the Democrats narrative that Republicans & Trump are racist, they had to switch to the woman game & we beat them, now that the elections are over they have gone back to that narrative that Trump & Republicans are racist so you see we must continue the fight because the accusers of the brethren are not going to stop trying to delegitimize President Trump & the Republicans Rev12:10, so we must continue the fight to prove to the world that God & the Constitution's way is the right way. I also need your help to help us finance the American gala award event see, an event with latin, black & white stars to show unity in the community & to help our Great American Vets. 

See BLACKS FOR TRUMP group run protesters away Day after the inauguration, at the Super Bowl 51, support Sen. Jeff Sessions & stand with President Trump in Melbourne Florida see or URLs below:
Super Bowl
Show Support for Jeff Sessions

BLACKS FOR TRUMP stands with President TRUMP in Melbourne Florida