one of our brothers shot & killed after being threatened about standing behind Trump holding BLACKS FOR TRUMP signs on TV !! See #4. For this story.

See 20second video of band perform at URL below

2...My Band would like to perform at Jim Browns Event our brother's hero & Pres.  Trump Inauguration with big Stars for free. 

Can bring big stars to perform for free in DC at the inauguration to show Black & White unity: one 40 minute show with each star doing one or two songs, they are also some of the Blacks for Trump sign holders: The Supremes, the Marveletts, Pretty Ricky, Pleasure P, Michael Sterlin, Comic Dexter Tucker-Chris Tucker's Bro. Luke's LeJuan Love, Giant Hatian NY Stars Alan Cava & Eddy Francois, Latin Puerto Rican Stars Tito Puente Jr. & the Star studded BOSS Band Featuring guitarist Clyde McPhatter Jr. 

3...BLACKS FOR TRUMP 2020 traveled & did 74 events for Trump & Republicans did rallies & Protest against Hillary & confronted Trump Protesters around America. See URL BLACKS FOR TRUMP with Trump Events

We paid for radio, TV, newspaper & web adds for Trump. Rallied Saturdays with Teaparty for Trump & Sundays with blacks doing a free Jet Ski party that fed kids with stars performing to gather black Trump followers to stand up for Trump. Did Radio show from Tampa Florida to Homestead south of Miami 4 times a Day everyday for Trump/Republicans & all day on We passed out Flyers about Trump all over America & wrote articles on web daily showing that Trump was speaking from the Bible even if TRUMP didn't know it. Ex. Isa.60:18 God said Build a wall for my boarder. Michael ran for President to gather blacks & White Independents to turn them over to Our Republican nominees (Trump). We did hundreds of interviews for radio, TV & newspapers supporting Trump. Talked to Black leaders to support Trump see URL


Michael the Black Man & his BFT Group was spit on, pushed down, egged, cursed out, shot at, Sabotaged, boycotted, laughed at even on TV like the Jimmy Kimble show & others, MSNBC Defamed Michael by lying about his Criminal record who has no criminal record see URL:

Damn MSNBC & the Liberal Media they 

accuse Maurice Michael Symonette, Donald Trump & BLACKS FOR TRUMP falsely for what they are Guilty of see

4...We were threatened continuously, Democrats threatened BLACKS FOR TRUMP Bro HOWARD Who told Michael about the threat & the next day was shot dead from the back by an East Indian Democrat on Surveillance cameras at a gas station & didn't even Rob him just killed him for standing behind Trump holding a BLACKS FOR TRUMP sign wow now that's sad!😔 see URL See or

We are going to Trump's Inauguration wearing sweaters & carrying signs that says on front & back BLACKS FOR TRUMP 2020 to show black & white unite for free!!


Call michael 7868599421