Jared Kushner President Trump's son-in-law is hated because he is a Righteous Ashkenazi Jew = European Jew different from the Ishmaelite/Esau Jew!

​​​Jared Kushner President Trump's son-in-law is a Ashkenazi Jew, Gen.10:1-5 says Ashkenazi is the first born son of Gomer who was the first born son of Japheth father of all the isles of the White Gentiles the Sephardic Jews who are actually Ishmael & Esau Jews who have a perpetual hatred for Blacks & Ashkenazi European Jews, Ezekiel 35:5 & Rev.3:9. This is why the Democrats Cherokee Ishmaelite/Esau Media is attacking Kushner because he is Shem's (the black man's) little brother & he is hated like Blacks are hated & like White Deplorable Gentiles are hated. Hillary calls Japheth (Gentiles) Deplorable's & Senator Robert Byrd a hidden Cherokee Indian called Gentiles White Niggers. Meaning Gentiles & Blacks are all considered unworthy to rule Niggers. That's why Cherokee Indian/Ishmaelite Obama tried to un elect Ashkenazi Jew Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel! we must unite to protect our brother Kushner & ourselves!