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           But you ask why do they Eat Human Flesh ? 

Why Eat Human Organs & Drink Human Blood? Answer: Because Cannan 

Ham's son Raped Noah Cannon's Grand Father & was Cursed White as Snow

Lev.13:Ch., Num.12:1-8 & 1Kings 5:27. & could no longer get long life giving

Vitamin D from the Direct Sunlight needed to live. Because Sun light blisters

their White Skin. So they decided through King Nimrod son of Canaan to Eat

our Flesh, Organs & Blood to get Vitamin D. Remember Nimrod was the first

Mason & Hunter of Men (The FBI's higher ups, Ephess.6:12 or Valkyrie/

Washintonians/Men in Black, Google this. They're the Secret Society that was

exposed by the GOP on TV. Who's job is to keep hidden the proof & motive

that the Mason Democrats are Blood thirsty Demons, Criminals & Treasonous

mis leading liars like Comey, Rosenstein, Strzok, Page, Sen. Shift & Clinton. 

because Cannon on his Death Bed said to his People White Cannanites,

"Always Lie to Shem & Japheth the other 2 sons of Noah=the Black Man & the

White Man so that you can always eat them & live longer" 2Thess.2:11&

Ephess.4:12-14.) They Blood Sacrificed & Ate us in Sodom & Gomorah & we 

found out & they ran to Egypt, Got found out & then ran to Palestine, got

found out & then ran to Babylon, Then Persia, Greece, Italy, France & all

Europe & got found out & were Witch Hunted as Cannibals & then they ran to

Scotland as the Slavs & Asians Wherein they became called the Scotish

Right Masons but had to run again, this time they ran into the Americas & call

themselves Incas (the White Canaanites known as Slavs but totally different 

from the White Gentiles) & Aztecs the Red Skinned Ishmaelites known as 

Asians). And when the Conquistadors found out that they were eating the 

Mayans The Incas & Aztecs ran to America & called themselves the Cherokee

now there are no more places to run if I show you that they are Cannibalizing

us while were 7 Billion strong we would totally destroy​ them, Deut.7:Ch. So

now its us or them. There are no more places on Earth to run or hide, so the

FBI (the higher ups) & the Secret Society along with the media is​ desperately

trying to get Hillary back in office to finish the Destruction of us before Pres. 

Trump The King of The Gentiles finds this out that they are Cannibalizing us

& then prosecutes them. This why they are investigating & trying to get rid

of President Trump & all of the righteous Humans because they are the 

Washingtonians. In the Vampire Movie Twilight They are Valkarie protectors

of their biggest secret of Cannibalizing & Blood Sacrificing, Ye Shall know the

truth & the truth shall make you free John 8:32. The sons of Perdition The

FBI, Cherokee Senators Canaanites & Ishmaelites must Be revealed & Voted

out of The way. 2Thess. 2:1-7 The media is sending a strong delusion to make

us believe a lie. 2Thess.2:11 the brethren Black & White Must unite or where

all dead ,2Thess.2:1-7 &2Peter 3:6-18. Warning all​ Canaanites, Ishmaelites,

Edomites & Homosexuals because everybody can be Saved.Rev.18:Ch. Rev.7:

9-13. Here are the Scriptures that prove that they're killing, Eating, Cannibalizing

& blood sacrificing us. Micah 3:2-3, psalms 106:32-38, Jeremiah 19:9, Zach.11:7-9, John 6:53. 

They are Eating Our Women

Video, pictures and video proof of how they're eating us!

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