Government people that are in office who are Mormon/Cherokees. This is one of the big reasons why they are against President Trump, the White Gentile Deplorable's & BLACKS FOR TRUMP Republicans! Some Will Repent but the others must be revealed as the Sons of Perdition that must be Revealed & moved out-of-the-way & then shall the 2 Brethren black & white unite & make America great!

E). Democrat Vice President Al Gore is Mormon a Cherokee Indian! This is why he is against President Trump & the White Gentile Deplorable's & Black Republicans!

B). Wikipedia proves Republican Senator John McCain is Cherokee Indian that's why he's blocking President Trump policies & let Obama beat him when he ran against him for President & FBI Director James Comey gave money to McCains Cherokee Mormon Campaign, Matt.6:21. Comey is a Sicilian who are red dot in the middle of the head East Indian Gypsies. Comey is Ishmael the father of East Indians & Arabs who with the White Mormon Canaanites are the Cherokee Indians the Haters of President Trump see Wikipedia below

A). Republican Senator Mitch McConnelle is Mormon the Cherokee Religion so watch

to see if tries to Block President Trump!

F). Senator Rand Paul is Mormon the Cherokee Religion so watch to see if he blocks President Trump!

D). Republican Senator Jeff Flake is a Mormon the Cherokee Religion which is why Flake Blocks President Trump!!

E). Republican Governor Mitt Romney is a Mormon Cherokee, That's why he as Governor created Romney (Obama) Care & is against President Trump!

C). Republican Senator Marco Rubio was Mormon the Cherokee Religion so watch to see if blocks President Trump!