The Real   K K K RACIST   Revealed are CHEROKEE Democrats 

  The Sons of Perdition who must be Revealed for Black & White to Unite 


Original Rebel Flag

Fear not calling White Cherokee (Canaanites) America's problem Deut.7:1-21 these White Canaanites are acting like White Gentiles & are totally different !

call them out likeyou call out "Radical Islam". Must know your Enemy. Don't let them call Trump & Gentiles Racist to scare you into allowing them to just Destroy US. White Gentiles aren't the Beast, it's White Cherokees, White & Red Cherokee Indians are Hidden Babylonians (Democrats). The real reason GOD​ chose TRUMP to be President is to Deliver the White & Black Man (Hebrews) from the Babylonians (Arabs, East Indians, White Slav Cherokees/Democrats & infiltraitors of the Republicans like the White Cherokess Sen. McCain & Flake)! Who Block good Policy that free White Gentiles & Black People from these unjust Rulers (Judges, Congressmen & Senators) who Fine, Regulate, Foreclose & over Tax us into Poverty! President Trump is that Great Gentile King CYRUS /HIRAM of TYRE, Isa.45:1-6! In latter days the Gentiles will realize they inherited the Lie that they were the Slave Traders, the KKK & the Racists, Jer.16:19.  Pt.1------      Pt.2-----

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