They are Killing our women secretly!!!

MS13, ISIS, Arabs, East Indians, Cherokee & Albino Canaanites are targeting, hunting kidnapping to KILL Black, Latin, Ashkenaz & White Women to Cannibalize & Steal their ORGANS as the Illuminati's biggest SECRET using Valkyrie (FBI Leaders like Comey, Rosenstein & Muller) to protect them & to hide the fact that they're  trapping & murdering all of our Women. This is why President Trump is hated & feared by Comey & DEMOCRATS because when uncovered Trump will Prosecute them & save us now. Isaiah, 45:1-5! Every other world scandal  is a fake smoke screen to hide this truth to cause you to defend their Death Plot! Send this to everybody quick before no Flesh  is saved. Matt. 24:22. Also See! see the Proof:

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