They (ISHMAEL) are killing us (Americans) all over the world on TV ISHMAEL the father of all East Indians, Arabs, Pakistanians & Middle Easterners must repent and be saved quickk before I wake up LATIN, & WHITE GENTILES TO UNITE with the BLACK MAN to angrily stop ISHMAEL's Plot to take over the WHOLE WORLD!!!Arabs & East Indians have stolen America & Plots to use Islam & ISIS TO KILL all Black Women of America, all White People & the Police by them causing a RACE War. Then Russia, China & Ishmael (Arabs & East Indians) all Magog & Gog the Great Red Dragon Rev.12:1-12 will come into America to help Blacks win th race war & do their Plot. Fact America is invaded already by Islam & Communismm (leaders Bernie Sanders & Clinton) used to recruit. Now owns America through Ishmael (OBAMA) example he won't allow Canadian Oil Pipeline why? Answer: to help Arabs ( Ishmael=Saud) OIL to control America. East Indians use Gandhi's 2nd of his 5 ways to take over a Country by using infiltration of all Countries with their Great people numbers (Gen. 16:10) says Ishmael father of Arabs & east Indians will be a great number of people) to join the people considered weak like Women, Blacks, Gays & our Youth, then Vote only themselves into power to enslave Countries even America. Masons call them Shape Shifters turning from Human to Serpent which really means Black to Canaanite White or from Ishmael to Latin, to mix in with all Nationalities so every body would protect them as family, but if your broke, pay taxes & must have Business or Drivers License you are not an Indian (Ishmael). So you might think Latins are taking Amerca, but no! Ishmael has invaded those Latin Countries, made them Communist = all Wealth given to them). Ishmael has taken over America speaking Latin like castro, Chavez & th enew Pope called Coolies ( East Indians), It's them that's taking over not real Mexicans, Cubans or Latins. How? Obama the Ishmaelite (see gods2.com Obama wearing East Indian Garb.) opens Boarders, Ishmaelites infiltrate America , the real Mexicans, Cubans & Latins are mostly very good people who just work for a living & owns no business, the Criminals are the infiltrating Latin looking & now Latin speaking Cannibals Ishmael (Shape Shifters). Now these Arabs & East Indians some acting Latin after infiltrating have voted into USA law [most favorable immigrant act & Masonically ( gangs) signs that never works for you with the Judge only for them knowing each other, allows them to use UCC Sovereign laws=Duel Citizenship & don't pay house property tax & not required to have Drivers license to drive cars they don't pay taxes for 5yrs while operating business agter 5yres is finished gives the business to their cousin for another 5yrs to evade taxes. They don't beed permits, occupation or business license in their business See video#5 on  gods2.com for proof. WHITES & BLACKS are required to pay to have all those licenses & are regulated& taxed out of business by East Indians who run all Police, Zoning, Code Enforcement Depts. & the IRS who discriminate against Conservatives. They're not required to have Gun License. The unsolved black on black shooting Crimes are them using gang policing & killing blacks over Drug disputes with untraceable Guns by their stores called traps, from their Drug cargo coming into America unsearched using UCC diplomatic Immunity as the drug suppliers killing us Americans all over TV. They have safe ZONES all over America & Europe & can't be prosecuted. You never see them in Jail. A. Fox bought by Arabs Rupert Mudoch, w/Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal holds a % of voting stock of Fox News. In fact Arab & East indian Jews (Ishmael) own all mainstream Media including twitter & FaceBook don't be tricked by Jewish names that end with MAN like Goldman & Zimmerman they are all TEMAN the son of Esau & Ishmael who married each other in Gen.28:9 Gen.36:1-5, they're not Gentile Jews, google or bing this info. and made it illegal to worship our God but they openly Worship theirs & openly practice Comasutra (East Indian teachings) Homosexuality. Our women wear their wig hair & makeup, pick companions by East Indian books about signs like Taurus & Aries lol see Isa.47:ch. They rule & own America's Business (stores & gas stations etc.) but now that I Maurice Symonette aka Michael the Blakc man messenger of Yahweh Ben Yahweh who says in 2Thess.2:1-11 that Sons of Perdition (Ishmael & Cannan) must be Revealed befor the 2 Brethern to Unite Black & White (Blacks are shem great grand father of Gebrew Abraham Gen.14:13 which proves that Shem & Noah were Hebrew Luke 3:23-33 who's sons would be carried away on ships into slavery for 400yrs. The Blacks of America are the only People who fits that description. Gen.15:13 & Deut.28:68. & Whites are Japheth father of all White European Gentiles with Ashkenazi Gentile Jews, Ashkenaz is the son of Japheth Gentile Jews my brother. We Shem & Japheth are Hebrews because our father is Noah the Hebrew so Shem & Japheth are the Hebrews like their father & Japheth just got brighter from circumstances; 1. He moved north to cold Europe 2. There was a Volcano that darkened the sun light causing a Dark Age then the Moabites & Canaanites mixed with them (hair laid flat & straight) but they still have Melanin in their skin so they can still get vitamin D & can Tan that makes him HUMAN ----- HU =hue color =man of color= White Gentiles are Hebrews cause NOAH was Hebrew & Noah's youngest son Japheth the father of White Gentiles is Hebrew wow because we are Waking up & Uniting with God ruling, Rev. 12:10-12 says the Great Red Dragon (Magog & Gog) Ishmael see gods2.com video 7 is coming down with Great Wrath because their time to rule is short so remeber Jonah3:ch the King of Ninevah repented & was saved. The king of Babylon/America is Ishmael the Majority Voter You better repent & be saved. The King of Babylon/America is Ishmael the Majority Voter you better repent & be saved or your own brother the Ishmaelite ISIS wants to Kill you. Gen. 16:10-16. & your only way to be safe is for BLACK & WHITE to Unite & Fight. The Dragon Rev.12:7-9 & Judge Barbara Areces an Arab name got voted in because Gen.16:10 says Ishmael father of all the Arabs & East Indians today would be made great in number, they have invaded & taken America in great numbers & voted themselves in Gov. Zone/Code enforcers who fine & tax you out of Business & Judges who rules against the Laws of America like Areces runs over laws & US Bankruptcy laws to foreclose on WHITE & BLACK people's Homes & Businesses, they own almost all the Businesses in America BLACK & WHITE must Judge Barbra Areces an Arab name got voted in because Gen. 16:10 Says Ishmael father of all the Arabs & East Indians today would be made great in number, they have invaded & taken America in great numbers & voted themselves in Gov. & Judges who rules against the Laws of America like Areces runs over US Bankruptcy laws to foreclose on WHITE & BLACK peoples Homes & Businesses, they own almost all the Businesses in America fight below is the way to hold them accountable Arab & East Indian (Ishmael) Judges like Judge Barbra Areces who last name means Arab with Ishmaelite Lawyers are illegally just taking WHITE & BLACK peoples Homes ISHMAEL is taking America WHITES & BLACKS WAKE UP! Then don't want Maurice to record when rules are you can record but we don't have any RIGHTS, Ishmael (ISIS & Communist) must be revealed to stop them from killing all Black American Women using Islam Ishmaelites (East Indians) are Killing Black American Women using Islam Ishmaelites (East Indians) are killing black men. Every Riot originated with Ishmael (east Indians,Middle Eastern & Arab Jews) The way you can tell they are East Indians is that their names end with a vowel like india, Pakistani, &Israeli Ex. Rajah,Peraza,Ozani  1. In Ferguson Michael Brown shot for pushing East Indian in store. 2. BLACK BROTHER in New Jersey reported by Arab store owner for selling a cigarette in front of Arab store & choked to death by Police. With East Indian female police sergeant in charge giving orders 3. Six Cops break black guys back 3 White Cops & 3 East Indian who appear to be black Cops in Baltimore etc.4. Ishmaelite in Wisconsin Prosecutor named--- ISHMAEL OZAINI WOW!! refused to press charges on Cop that he said didn't follow pollice procedures & wrongfully shot black kid to death. 5. In West Palm Beach East Indian Cop Named Raja (an East Indian name) Shoots & Kills a black kid sitting in his car.7.Officer Aleda shoots black guy laying on his back with his hands in the air in the Thigh 3 times. North Miami Attorney Cazea another East Indian would not fire him. 8.Ishmael supplies Black Men with Drugs Ishmael owns all stores in black neighborhoods & are the ones who does the drive by shootings on my way blacks that's never Prosecuted & calling it black on black crime & when in actuality it's ishmael on Blacks crime and all the cops that are killing black man that seem to be white cops are actually all Eastern & Middle Eastern Cops that almost look white but are actually East Indian these people are considered The Untouchables (Cast) who kill us and hold themselves not guilty Zach. 11:5. 9.Officer Paraza (Another East Indian Name) Shoots a Black man walking down the street for no reason. I Michael was at the court house and saw some of his family members dressed like East Indians & Judge Salina another East indian dropped all charges against Paraza against the Wishes of The white Prosecutor so you see all these shootings that appear to be done by white cops are actually East indians & Middle Easterners that theses policeman that are hunting Blackman like Wa re wolves thats why the bible says they are wolves in sheeps clothing Matt. 7:15 White Gentiles would never almost never shoot Black man Unjustly a White Gentile would jump into a burning car  at cost of his life our little brother japheth. Ishmael is doing this purposly to cause a race war between the Blackman & The White Man as an excuse to allow Russians, Chinese, to come into America to kill all White people to help Blacks kill all white people to help kill all Black Men & to kill all White people & black Women & then Enslave the Black Man, East Indians & Middle Easterners are free to kill & break all laws as untouchables under the UCC most favorable Immigrant act giving them Diplomatic immunity from Prosecution.This rite was given to them by Alexander the Great after concurring The world lastly India & Falling for India's Queen who gave him the gift of Democracy & because she convinced him of the lie that Ishmael ( East Indians & all Middle Easterners) is the first born of Abraham thereby Gods Chosen people to own earth Rev.3:9 but God chose Issac & in turn yet Alexander believed her & because he took earth by force like  America was taken by force, like the American Indian East Indians Indians were given the right to go any where on earth never pay taxes because Alexander the great owned the world and that was passed to, Rome, then Europe & America until this day east Indians and all Middle Eastern or's who are under the name Caste Indians ( which means cast out by Abraham & Sarah from the camp ) The cast are totally unregulated don't need a drivers license tag permits business license or do any regulation & are assisted economically by all governments of the world they are free thanks to Alexander the great and the east Indian Queen who deceived him Rev. 12:7-9 Thats why they live off The blood sweat & tears (taxes) of all nations.Warning good people BLACK & WHITE Unite because Ishmael is deliberately Hunting & Killing blacks with Great Wrath because they have but a short time to seperate Blacks from Whites & the Police to cause a RACE WAR, Rev.12:10, so that Russia, China mixed with Ishmael who together is Gog & Magog (the Great Red Dragon= the Red Ishmaelite people) who have already started invading America with Middles Eastern Refugees with the Race War PLOT to help blacks kill off whites & then kill all black women of America, represented by the woman dressed in White, Rev.12:1-12 & then enslave black men (Hebrew men of Judah) to create & build for them, Dan.1:4-6, Judah is Black.Jer.14:2, Judah carried away to slavery 400yrs. On ships. Jer13:19, Gen.15:13, Act.7:6 & Deut.28:68. Made to forget our Black Hebrew Israelite history by Ishmael Psalm 83:1-11 & Matt. 15:24 only blacks of America fit this description. White Gentiles are Japheth the son of Noah who is Hebrew, this means that white Gentiles are Hebrews my brother. Gen9:18 & Gen. 10:1-5. Which is why Paul said the whole body of Christ are the Jew and the Gentile (Black Hebrews & White Gentile Hebrews) & Jesus is Just US. 1Cor.12:12-14 & Col.4:11. Gentilles are forgiven for Black's slavery Eze. 18:17-22. The 2 brethern BLACK & WHITE must unite but won't until the Sons of Perdition (Judges/Ishmael) is revealed, Blacks & Whites wake up this is the real Revolution. I am Crispus Attucks & Judge Barbara Areces is Killing me now with this illegal Court System & killing Whites the same way economically just Association Which Originates in India ask the Federal Judges like Judges Huck & Ursala to take away your right to sue them so that they just totally unarm you to just take your life liberty & PROPERTY illegally with no way to protect yourself. Our Oppressors kill us & hold themselves not Guilty Zechariah 11:5 but fear not God YAHWEH is the father & Savior of the Hebrews BLACK & WHITE! WAKE UP! Before Ishmael takes America!!!!! Gentiles will trust in Michael Messenger of Yahweh Ben Yahweh Son of YAHWEH Matt. 11:24-27 & will deliver Black People of America & White Gentile's out of their evil hands. Gen.36:1 We are Ishamael's Slaves in jail or at our job which is Ishmael's owned businesses that's why they're marriage mixing so that we all look red & a like but identify their accent that's why when in front of a Judge they are set free & you go to Jail or lose your property using same password even the majority Ishmaelites don't know this & are slaves too Psalm 83:1-10 & Ephesians 4:12 that says oh God kill the Royals of them that destroy us. The Royals of Ishmael, Canaan, Esau & Ham married each other to unify themselves Masonically & are the sons of perdition who must be revealed 2Thess.2:1-11 or we & them are all doomed GOD See gods2.com, agajobsmarch.com, to help the VETS, & tune into 102.3 FM (Miami Fl) & 91.7 FM (Ft. Lauderdale FL). 2Thess.1-11 sons of HELL Ishmael & Canaan etc. must be Revealed or we Die. Arabs, East Indians, Arab Jews (who could help fight for America but instead are mostly unfairly treated by regulating & taxing us out of Business forcing us to break the Law to Eat trapping & unfairly Jailing us then the Communist & Radical Islamist recruit our sons to kill us While they open Gitmo, Obama frees 6000 of only them out of Jail & have free zones where these Lone (ware) Wolves (our Oppressors) kill us & hold thmselves not Guilty Zech.11:5. See n video Broward County Judge Siegle Jails a Black Man Anthony Williams already 2 months in Jail on an impossible to reach $100,000.00 Bond for 3rd degree misdemeanor of filing papers as a private U.S. Attorney like Pro Se. Put into Law by Congres or better said Codified by Congress title 42 USCC 1988 but now made it against the Law to do the Law Isa.5:20 Why? Because Channel Seven's Carmel Ca Pharaoh (the East Indian/Arab the first Horse Breakers/Trainers who brought & sold Horses to America & taught Willie Lynch, who wrote the book Willie Lynch letter on how to enslave us forever & used the analogy of breaking horses as the way to break men into excepting & staying in slavery in & out of jail. Ca Pharaoh demands the judge with her Ch.7 Camra pressure to Beat & Break the Nigga (Horse) into pleading Guilty into slavery & giving up his rights making him suffer in Jail to Scare the others Black & whtie into Slavery. Masonic Secret Communication, the UCC Law & US Law only works for them.
See gods2.com & see americangala.com to save our Vets written by Michael