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​Maurice/Michael explains Yahweh Ben Yahweh is Innocent and was Persecuted by Arab, East Indian, Ishmaelites. & U.S. Prosecutor Richard Shruggs was an Ishmaelite Arab Jew who Prosecuted Yahweh Ben Caiaphas was an Ishmaelite Arab Jew who Prosecuted Jesus Christ (Matthew 26:57). The Ishmaelites have always been the Persecutors of the Black Man and the White Man. Every President and Leader of America that was assassinated Black or White was Assassinated by an Arab, East Indian Ishmaelite google this. Oswald or Castro who were both East Indian or Arabs from the West INDIAN Islands are called Coolies. The guys who shot Martin Luther King & Malcom X.... were all Arab, East Indian (Ishmaelites). Egyptian Slave Masters were Ishmaelites and Canaanites called the Hyksos over the Black Hebrews up until this day Psalms 83:1-6. PS US prosecutor Richard Scruggs was found guilty of Perjury and Fraud for prosecuting Black leaders in Miami. Google this See video below.