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              The Real K K K Slave Master Revealed
               & are the Cherokee Indians W O W !

White Gentiles have inherited LIES Isa.16:19. The Lie is Gentiles were the Slave Masters but actually the Cherokee Indians were & are the Racist Slave Masters of the BLACK MAN Rev.12:7-9. (r.1)
Cherokees are the accusers of the brethren (Blacks & White Gentiles). The brethren are not worthy, only Cherokees can rule, make money & they can even break all laws & hold themselves (Hillary etc) not Guilty, Zech.11:5 & (r.5). but Trump (White Gentiles & Blacks) is just accused & Prosecuted, Rev.12:10. Every Gentile or Republican President has been Assassinated, was attempted to be Assassinated or Prosecuted in the Press. Because all Gentiles & Blacks are not Worthy Deplorables! Deut.7:ch says don't try to befriend these Enemies(Cherokees). You must totally Destroy them just don't forget the DEPLORABLES & BLACKS FOR TRUMP we must unite (huddle together like Sheep to stop these Cherokee Wolves!
1.Question: Are White American Gentiles the leaders & starters of the KKK? Answer: No! Cherokee Indians were & are now the KKK!! (r.2)
2.Question: Are all Cherokee's going to HELL! Answer: No! Everybody can go to Heaven but must Repent, Rev.7:9-13! The King James Bible says "The Sons of Perdition (Cherokees) must be REVEALED to cause Brothers Black & White to Unite & Fight!! 2Thess.2:1-6.
OBAMA, CLINTON & AL FRANKEN etc. are all Cherokee & the Infiltrating REPUBLICANS like Senators McCAIN, JEFF FLAKE & ROMNEY etc. are all White MORMON CHEROKEES hidden among Gentiles Pretending to be White Gentiles,(r.1 &3). They want High Taxes & Regulations Because Indians are not TAXED or REGULATED & will be the only people able to do Businesses & Own Property in America like Russia wow!!
A.) Question: Who are these WHITE & Red Cherokee Indians?
B.) Answer: Cherokees are Phoenicians who are a group made up of 2 main (r.peoples
1. The White Cherokees are the Biblical Cursed White Canaanites (Canon) Slav or Slavic Peoples from the East who came to the Americas calling themselves Phoenicians Incas & changed their name to Cherokee!
2. The Red Cherokees are the disinherited Ishmaelites (Ishmael Gen.19ch.). Father of Arabs, Pakistanis & East Indians,1 (r.1).White Canon & Red Ishmael Married together in Gen.36:1-5 The group was called the Hyksos (Hagarenes Ps.83:1-9) & after their Murdering Cannibalism was Discovered they ran from justice & changed their name to Egyptian then Philistines, next Babylonians, next Asians/Slavs (Red & White Indians) also the Phoenicians, then came to the Americas & called themselves Aztec & Incas, in North America who then & today called themselves Cherokee that make up the five tribes of Indians who are now called Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, Chickasaw & Choctaw Indians. All five tribes are the same peoples with different names (now Illuminati & Masons) trying to hide from Justice to Deceive us, Rev.12:7-9. So when I say Cherokee it's all the five Tribes. The Real Slave Masters of Blacks. Cherokees who look White Deceived the Whole World into blaming White Gentiles for Slavery Rev.12:7-9. But in YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH's first book called You are not a Nigger page 29 paragraph 2 Reveals the Truth which is the real White people who had Blacks in Slavery were the White Canaanites (Canon-Slavs) not White Gentiles.Canaanites are the Sons of Ham (Father of Africans) & Grandson of Noah. Gen.10: ch. Cannon (Canaanites) was Cursed White for disrespecting our father Noah Gen.9:18-28.White Gentiles were not the Black Mans Slave MastersHere's the true Facts:
1.Sir John Hawkins & his gangs of Slave Ships was Cherokee/Creek Indians & had the first Ships of Slaves to Africa. His ship was called The Good Ship JESUS among the other ships. (. )
2.Jefferson Davis President of the Confederate Slave States, Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee, Albert Pike & Stand Waite, were all Cherokee.
3.John Ross the Cherokee's Cheif was Confederate Military along with the five Tribes who fought as the Confederate Army to keep Blacks as Their Slaves.
4.Asa Carter was head Founder & Leader of the KKK, Judge Thomas Jone's Court office is Where KKK was started, Both were Cherokee 5.Richard Reed, Calvin Jones & James Crow were some the 6 White men that founded the KKK in 1866 in Polaski Tennessee on pg. 35, 2nd paragraph of the KKK Book called White Power White Pride, were Cherokee.
6.That's why they wore face covering Klan hats that looked like Indian T Pee Tents to communicate to each other that they are Indians while at the same time using these coverings to hide the fact that they are Cherokee Indians.
7.Segregationist Gov. George Wallace, Eugene Bull O'Connor the person who beat Martin Luther King & his crowd at the Alabama bridge was Cherokee.
8.Democrat Senator Robert Byrd was the KKK's Grand Wizard who voted against the Civil Rights Bill with Vice President Al Gore Jr's father Gore Sr. was a Segregationist KKK & voted against Civil Rights Bill were Cherokee.
9.The Clintons were against the Civil Rights Bill as Gov. of Arkansas & put 1.2 mil. Black Men in Jail as Super Predators as said by Hillary are Cherokee.
There are some infiltrating Republicans like Senator John McCain, Jeff Flake Susan Collins etc. who are all Cherokee Mormons these Mormons are 6% of the Republican Senate. The Mormon Religion is Cherokee & created by a Cherokee named Joseph Smith. ( ).
Obama the shape shifting mason who acts Black but the truth is OBAMA is Cherokee ( ). & all the people I mentioned above are all CHEROKEE INDIANS, they're shape shifting Masons & Illuminates Acting like they're Black Americans or White Gentiles) But are really Cherokee Ware Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, Matt.7:15. The White Canaanite side of these Cherokee Indians pretend to be White Gentiles to make Gentiles look like the Racist Slave Masters & have them Destroyed for lack of Knowledge Hosea 4:6. Cherokees Deceived us by controlling what we learn, Rev.12:7-9. Harvard University was the 1st. College & owned by the Cherokees as are most Colleges. They control our Kids Curriculum that cause our Children to inherit lies, like White Gentiles were the Slave Traders (White Privilege). In order to Win any War u must Know ur Enemy. That's why Democrats won't say ISIS they say ISLE & won't say Radical Islam which is to keep us from knowing the Canaanite & Ishmaelite enemies the people that had Blacks in Slavery. That Hillary the Canaanite calls Blacks Super Predators & the White Gentiles she calls them Deplorable's. These Blacks & Gentile Whites are the ones that are Regulated & in Slavery today Paying High Taxes to these Cherokee Indians called Reparations.
The White Gentiles (Japheth) & Black Hebrews (Shem) were in the Americas Fs aFIRST Before the Cherokees
Not the Lying Cherokees after Noah's Flood had killed everybody on Earth 5000 years ago including the so-called Indians who claim to have been in the Americas 11,000 years ago & even if true they were now all Drowned & Dead. Therefore Japheth & Shem were in the Americas before the Cherokee. These Black & White Hebrews was mistakenly called Indians when they were discovered in the Americas by Europeans, who when they got to the Americas thought they were in India. Because in their travels they were looking for India, but these So-called Indians called the OTHERS were actually a mixture of Black Hebrews Shem/Abraham's Sons, Gen.11:ch & Gen.14:13, Chinese Shem/Lot's Sons Gen.19:ch. & White Gentiles Japheth's Sons, Gen.10:1-5.
Noah had 3 Sons Shem, Ham & Japheth Who travelled & the Earth for 120 years to gather all the Animals to Noah's Ark before Noah's Flood, Gen.6:ch. Noah disinherited Ham his second Son for disrespecting Noah & gave Earth to Shem & Japheth who came to the Americas to Repopulate Earth & put the animals back to where they came from. Like the Polar Bear & Penguin had to put in back in the Arctic, not Africa or they Would Die & Mountain Lions were put back in the Americas etc. Gen.9:18-22. So after Shem & Japheth Repopulated the East side of Earth, walked on the mini ice age land bridge from Europe over to the Americas going through Siberia into Alaska, then into the Americas as is proven by the artifacts left by Gentile/Europeans/Vikings & Shem the Black Hebrews & Chinese on their Journey to the Americas to Repopulate the America's side of Earth. Those Travelers are called the Eskimos (appearing Black, Chinese with Gentile Features) that remained in Alaska. & the Travelers who continued south became the Hopi, Taino (Latino) & Mayans these are descendants of Shem & Japheth who are Hebrews because NOAH their Father was Hebrew. So Shem went South to the Middle East to Africa & Japheth & some of Shem went North with Japheth going to Europe Gen.10:1-5 & Shem & Japheth continued North East to Siberia over the land bridge into the Americas, especially after the volcano dust covered Europe blocking the Sun for 1000 years causing a miniature Ice Age to make a Ice Bridge between Siberia & Alaska into the Americas with Japheth (Gentiles) & Shem=Black American Hebrews & Chinese/Japanese the Sons of Lot Abraham's Nephew. Noah & his Sons were commissioned by the God YAHWEH to Repopulate Earth excluding the Rebel Sons Ham & Canaan. Then after They did all the work of Repopulating Earth the Phoenicians calling themselves Incas/Aztecs came to the Americas on ships & built Pyramids & started conquering the Mayans & started blood sacrificing Mayans (Shem & Japheth). These Cannibols that came to the Americas on Ships are the Phoenicians a mixture of Red Skinned Ishmael father of the East Indians, Arabs & Middle Easterners who while in the Americas called themselves Aztecs, those with the very White Skin was Cannon the father of the Carthagens & Arcadians & Slavs called themselves Incas. Aztecs & Incas had to Run after the Spaniards & Mayans discovered that they were (Blood Sacrificing) Canibolizing Mayans the Spaniards & Mayans Destroyed the Incas & Aztecs (Phoenician) Cities & are now North America & renamed themselves Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, Chickasaw & Choctaw Indians. These 5 tribes are the Red skin Ishmaelites & the extra White skinned Canaanites who were cursed White for Raping Noah Gen.9:18-26. White Canaanites are a totally different Seed Line of People from the White Gentiles (Japheth). The Japhites (White American Gentiles) of the North of fought the Civil War to FREE his brother the Black Man (Shem the true Jew=Judah Jewry is Judea=Judah, Dan.5:13-16, Judah is black Jer.14:2, & Judah was wholly Carried away to Slavery on Ships for 400 years Jer.13:19, Gen.15: 13, Deut.28:68, Only the Blacks of America fit that Discription. The people who call themselves Jews & go into Synagogs are not really Jews (Judah), they are Sarphardic Jews which is Ishmael & Esau who say because they were the 1st. Born of Abraham & Isaac. So even though God himself changed the birthright from Ishmael to Isaac Gen. 19:ch. & Esau to Jacob (Israel). So Ishmael & Esau are false Jews Rev.3:9, Rev.2:9 & Obidiah 1:ch.
& with the help of the PRESS who are the Bible's Pharisees & Sadducees killers of Christ who are Descendants of Canaanites & Ishmaelites today's
In the book the Curse of Cannon: shows the War on Shem, page 1. Cannon says always lie to SHEM & Japheth (Fake News & change history in schools to believe lies Rom.1:25, Hos.4:6 & 2Thess.2:11).
this is why they want the Bible out of schools, out of Circulation & shunned to hide the fact that Ham, Cannon, Ishmael & Esau are the Disinherited Sons of Perdition who must be Revealed to save the World & that Black Americans & White Gentiles are the real Hebrews the chosen of God Yahweh. That's why the Bible says the Jew & the Gentiles is the Whole Body of Christ 1Cor..12:12-13. This is our true Hebrew history the Worlds best kept Secret!!
BY. Michael the Black Man
Paris climate control another tax like Nimrod who was the first to tax us more than the Tithe (10% tax) required by God using fear the fear of Noah's Flood by to give extra money to you how about hi am to preserve life in case God Floods Earth again & out of Fear we give extra money (Tax) over 10% Malachi 3:6-10 to build the TOWER OF BABEL seeking insurance against the act of God. The purpose of these fear Driven Taxes is to make us agree with them Taking more of our money without us Rebelling by using fear tactics.
The Indian High TAX Communist Trick!
Indians don't pay Taxes in America
So like In Russia only Slavs (extra White Canaanites) & Arabs, East Indians (Red Ishmaelites) these two Democrat Cherokees will be the only ones to own business, make money & Get Rich. While the White Gentiles & Blacks would be Taxed at 100% (Slavery) & own no property, no businesses & be poor!! Even Right Now Indians get $ 20,000.00 a month per child for life as an insensitive for Kids but we pay Child Support to scare us into aborting our kids they get paid from our Taxes & they pay no taxes, then become a part of our government & letting all their family (East Indians) into America who also pay no Taxes but our Tax Dollars is given to them to help them to go into business!
The Gentiles Conquered & took America back like Moses took Canon back whose name was oridginaly the land of the Hebrews. No conquering King ever paid Taxes to the people they conquered but somehow these so-called American Indians & now Arabs, East Indians & all Middle Eastern Ishmaelites the American Indians Family are all living Tax free & our Tax dollars goes to them & they're unregulated while we Blacks & Whites are regulated. That's unfair competition which is why they own 87% of all Businesses in America. Take Notice the Phoenicians/Middle Easterners are always the Permit, Zoning & Code Enforcement People. This is one of the reasons that Trump ran for president because he was being regulated out of business. Example our Clubs are Regulated to shut off alcohol at 2:am, or 4:am the Indians & Reservations sell alcohol 24/7, they sell Merchandise in their places Tax & Duty Free, our merchandise we sell is Taxed, In our Businesses our Permits & Business license papers must show, but there's don't show because they don't have to have any see URL: youtube.com/watch?v=glUoocY87As&sns=em
They're the Judges, Lawyers & Bank Owners who are illegally foreclosing & taking White & Black people's property all over America, only their Indian lawsuits win, ours are always Dismissed, they are the INDIAN GIVERS, give & take it away but the Bible says when u loan money & the person can't pay back, you cannot take the shirt off his back! Yet the Indians give & take it back in the 1600s until this day it's called Indian giver. Mortgage Loans are Slavery Nehimiah 5:1-9. All perceived unjust Police shootings of Black Men are almost all East Indian Ishmaelite Arabs who are shooting Blacks not White Gentile Officers, like officer Darren WILSON who shot Mike Brown WILSON is a White Canaanite Cherokee Indian WOW!! In Florida 3 officers named Raja, Palm Beach, Paraza Broward & Aleeada in North Miami all three unjust killings done by East Indians see gods2.com #19. Almost all the shootings of Police officers perceived to done by Blacks was done by Ishmaelite's who might look Black but are really the Phoenicians, see Gods2.com #19. It's a secret war against Shem & Japheth/the Black & White man they are because Shem & Japheth are blessed forever in Gen.9:18-26 google Book the CURSE OF CANAAN WAR AGAINST SHEM. Almost all the Riots are done by these Phoenicians/Cherokee/Asians Acts 19:ch.
Phoenicians live in the neighborhoods that you call White neighborhoods & are the ones that are Discriminatory against Blacks & call Blacks Niggers & White Gentiles they call White Trash (Deplorable's)=not worthy to be in their Indian Racist Neighborhoods. But make you think that White Republicans are the Racist doing this when it's really these Democrat Indians! When the News says Black on Black Killings that's not true it's really Phoenicians or East Indians, Arabs, Pakistanis, Middle Easterners killing Blacks because these Indians are the ones that Own all stores in the black neighborhood where the Indians Bring in Drugs from the Port and allow Young Blacks to sell Drugs on the side of their stores called traps in the Hood. And when the young blacks do not give them what they perceive is the right amount of money then the Indians do a drive-by with unlicensed guns that nobody can ever trace. Black & Whites cannot bring the drugs in but the Indians Hierarchy can because they are in America under the most favorable Immigrant Act=UCC DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY, because they Argued that they are the chose Jews (Ishmael) Alexander the Great who because he loved His East Indian wife Roxane after he conquered India gave The Blessing to Ishmael then Pocahontas did the same thing in America. Roxane & Pocahantas deceptive argument to the Gentile leaders is that they were First born so they should get Jerusalem & Pocahantas says Indians were in America first so they own America (New Jerusalem). & the Rulers of Greece & America because they loved Roxane & Pocahantas gave Indians UCC Sovereignty, so their stuff cannot be checked at the US ports because they have UCC diplomatic immunity so they bring Drugs in give it to us to sell on the side of their stores & when we don't bring back the right amount of money that they believe we owe them, they do a drive-by Kill Shooting. Because they're the only ones that don't have to have a gun license & the only ones that can bring guns into the Port because they can't be checked because of Their UCC Diplomatic Immunity Status They Just Kill us & hold Themselves not guilty Zach.11:5. Look at what they're doing to President Trump Hillary breaks all the laws & they hold her not guilty but they try to crush & destroy Trump for the smallest of things, they are Lawless!! They have Sanctuary cities all over America & the World, They are never seen In Jail never!
Deut. 22:4-5 says if you hurt a people you must help him until he's back on his feet again well America has paid reparations to the Indians and they're completely back on this he hundred phone it's time out today if we really want to help America & the world we must stop paying our Taxes (Reparations) to the Indian that will take care of most of the economy & the Indians must start paying Taxes they are choking America With the help of Democrat & Republican congressman and senators Who are actually of Indian ancestry they have voted themselves into power to enslave us. See proof:
youtu.be/0Oh9wK7ro0Q gods2.com
Democrat Communist Trick
Nimrod used the insurance trick to keep us poor by having insurance against God's wrath of the flood Taxing us to build the Tower of Babel with free labor much higher than the flood, to insure themselves of not being drowned again that was the first illegal tax because God only required 10% but he use fear to get the tax
The Proof that though you are mixed with these Indians, but you are not them Is if you pay Tax, have a Drivers License, are not Immune from Prosecution & Jail etc. you are not a real Phoenician (Babylonian). So come out Her (Babylon's Mind set) & be not partakers in their Sin Rev.181-6. Their teacher Gahndi taught them join the weak of all nations The Women, Gay, Minority & Youths & make them feel sorry for you as the Victim, India created Democracy & gave it to Greece who gave it to Rome & Europe. Now Indians move into all countries like America & use their numbers & opinionated influence by controlling the curriculum of the Schools example Harvard is America's first University & owned & created by Cherokee Indians as is most Universities who all teach rebellion & Democracy (mob rule= vote) to vote them in Promising the mob everything from the Rich Taxes, then get Indians voted in & Tax & Regulate all Money to the Elite Phoenicians that's why in Psalm 83:1-9 & Ephes.4:12 Gods is Destroying the Elite Nobles of them.