can, & they can even break all laws & hold themselves (Hillary etc) not Guilty, Zech.11:5 & (r.5). but Trump (White Gentiles & Blacks) can't be treated Just & is just accused & Prosecuted, Rev.12:10. Every Gentile or Republican President has been Assassinated, was attempted to be Assassinated or Prosecuted in the Press, (r.7). Because all Gentiles & Blacks are Unworthy to Rule Deplorables! God said don't try to befriend these Enemy (Cherokee Canaanites & Ishmaelites). You must totally Destroy them Deut.7:ch. Just don't forget the DEPLORABLES & BLACKS FOR TRUMP we must unite (huddle together like Sheep to stop these Cherokee WareWolves! this is why they want the Bible out of schools, out of Circulation & shunned, to hide the fact that Ham, Cannon, Ishmael & Esau are the Disinherited Sons of Perdition who must be Revealed to save the World, 2Thess.2:1-11. & that Black Americans & White Gentiles are the real Hebrews the chosen of God Yahweh. Cannon is Pretending to be White Gentiles,(r.1 &3). They want High Taxes & Regulations Because Indians are not TAXED or REGULATED & will be the only people able to do Businesses & Own Property in America like in Russia!---

11). (r.22),(r.23),(r.24),(r.25) Volcano Ice Age Alaska Siberian Eskimo--------------------------------------------------------


12).(r.11) Jefferson Davis was Cherokee-----------------------


13).(r.29) Pocahontis did the same thing to the Queen of Britain that Roxanne did Alexander the Great for Indian to not be Taxed or Regulated in America----------------------


14). (r.24)Ham disinherited & Canaanite cursed White.---


15).(r.10) Sir John Hawkins and Queen Elizabeth Slavs & Canaanites who were the first ones to get Black Slaves--

 16).(r.2) (r.14) 5 of the 6 whites who started the kkk we're Cherokee Indians----------------------------------------------

​17). (r.26) Aztecs Hunted Mayans--------------------------------

18.)​(r.9)YAHWEH said Canaanites are the White Race Slave Trader & Slave Masters--------------------------------------

19).(r.1) ​the Phoenicians (Hagarenes) who came to the Americas on Ships called themselves the Aztecs & Incas & the American Indians & are the red skin ones called Aztecs-----------------------------------------------------------------------

20).(r.37) ​With the help of the PRESS who are the Bible's Pharisees & Sadducees killers of Christ who are actually false Jews who are Descendants of Canaanites & Ishmaelites Sephardic Jews who are today's Black Hebrew's & White Hebrews who are called Ashkenazi Jews like Ivanka & her husband.----------------------------------

21).(r.1),(r.12),(r.15) (r.16),(r.17),(r.31),(r.36),(r.39),(r.40),(r.41)(r.5),(r.7)(r.29),(r.35), ​​The Real K K K Slave Master Revealed & are the Cherokee Indians W O W !---------------



Hillary’s Sick Slave Secret Out After Someone Noticed What Black Men Were Doing At Her House




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Hillary is a Racist

25.(r.49) White Gentiles always saved black man from  slavery---------------------------------------------------------------