25.(r.49) White Gentiles always saved black man from  slavery---------------------------------------------------------------

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Hillary is a Racist

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1).(r.18     )
Government people that are in office who are Mormon/Cherokees. This is one of the big reasons why they are against President Trump, the White Gentile Deplorable's & BLACKS FOR TRUMP Republicans! Some Will Repent but the others must be revealed as the Sons of Perdition that must be Revealed & moved out-of-the-way & then shall the 2 Brethren black & white unite & make America great! Click red button to view Wikipedia proof video.      See the good works of Yahweh Ben Yahweh with the white Gentiles (r.19     ).


2). (r.55).  Yahweh's book you are not a Nigger-------------


3). (r.21)Cherokee Indians are Asians-------------------------



4). (r.8)Cherokees are East Indian Ishmaelites, they worship the same Gods.-------------------------------------------



5).(r.32) Clintons & Senator Robert byrd are racist Clinton's had Slaves in their Gov. Mansion:-------------------


6). (r.26)(r.38) Book: The Curse of Canaan (Nimrod/Rockefeller). The Cursed White ugly rough unable to Tann skinned Canaanites Father (Canaan) said in paragraph 3: Kill Terrorize & Eat the Fair Skinned (Beautfully Tanned Skinned) Black Shem & White Gentile Japheth & you will gain his power------------------------------



7).(r.13) Asa Carter founder of KKK was Cherokee--------- 


8). (r.20)Video #1. Obama says he Is Cherokee Crow Indian! Obama was Crow Indian which are Sioux Indians who are the Cherokee Indians!----------------------------------



9).(r.18) Joseph Smith founded the Mormons, the Cherokee religion.----------------------------------------------------



10.) (r.37)False Jews who are Descendants of Canaanites, Ishmaelites owners of the Liberal Media are trying to Destroy Ivanka & Jarred because they are White European Jews called Ashkenazi  Jews. ASHKENAZ is the Son of Japheth the youngest Son of Noah who was Hebrew so therefore European Jews are actually Hebrew Gen.10:1-5 & Gen.9:18-28. & Noah's 1st. born Son Shem the Grand Father of Abraham the Hebrew Gen.14:13, whose people were carried away captive for 400 years. & is the Black Man of America, because we are the only ones that fit that Discription. This proves that the Blacks of America & White European Gentiles are the chosen real Hebrews of God Gen.9:18-28. This is why the Sephardic Ishmaelite & Canaanite Jews & the Cherokee Hate Ivanka the Blessed Daughter of Trumph Gen.9:22-26. In the book called: the Curse of Cannon: this shows the War on Shem, page 1. When Cannon was dying he said to Sons "always lie to SHEM & Japheth" (Fake News & change history in schools to believe lies Rom.1:25, Hos.4:6 & 2Thess.2:11). "Strike Terror in them to make them give up their rights Rev. 8:21 & Jer.7:24! Cherokees are the Media accusers of the brethren (Blacks & White Gentiles), Rev.12:10-12. To these Cherokees Blacks & Whites are not worthy to rule, have money, Own Business or own property. only Cherokees can, & they can even break all laws & hold themselves (Hillary etc) not Guilty, Zech.11:5 & (r.5). but Trump (White Gentiles & Blacks) can't be treated Just & is just accused & Prosecuted, Rev.12:10. Every Gentile or Republican President has been Assassinated, was attempted to be Assassinated or Prosecuted in the Press, (r.7). Because all Gentiles & Blacks are Unworthy to Rule Deplorables! God said don't try to befriend these Enemy (Cherokee Canaanites & Ishmaelites). You must totally Destroy them Deut.7:ch. Just don't forget the DEPLORABLES & BLACKS FOR TRUMP we must unite (huddle together like Sheep to stop these Cherokee WareWolves! this is why they want the Bible out of schools, out of Circulation & shunned, to hide the fact that Ham, Cannon, Ishmael & Esau are the Disinherited Sons of Perdition who must be Revealed to save the World, 2Thess.2:1-11. & that Black Americans & White Gentiles are the real Hebrews the chosen of God Yahweh. Cannon is Pretending to be White Gentiles,(r.1 &3). They want High Taxes & Regulations Because Indians are not TAXED or REGULATED & will be the only people able to do Businesses & Own Property in America like in Russia!---

11). (r.22),(r.23),(r.24),(r.25) Volcano Ice Age Alaska Siberian Eskimo--------------------------------------------------------


12).(r.11) Jefferson Davis was Cherokee-----------------------


13).(r.29) Pocahontis did the same thing to the Queen of Britain that Roxanne did Alexander the Great for Indian to not be Taxed or Regulated in America----------------------


14). (r.24)Ham disinherited & Canaanite cursed White.---


15).(r.10) Sir John Hawkins and Queen Elizabeth Slavs & Canaanites who were the first ones to get Black Slaves--

 16).(r.2) (r.14) 5 of the 6 whites who started the kkk we're Cherokee Indians----------------------------------------------

​17). (r.26) Aztecs Hunted Mayans--------------------------------

18.)​(r.9)YAHWEH said Canaanites are the White Race Slave Trader & Slave Masters--------------------------------------

19).(r.1) ​the Phoenicians (Hagarenes) who came to the Americas on Ships called themselves the Aztecs & Incas & the American Indians & are the red skin ones called Aztecs-----------------------------------------------------------------------

20).(r.37) ​With the help of the PRESS who are the Bible's Pharisees & Sadducees killers of Christ who are actually false Jews who are Descendants of Canaanites & Ishmaelites Sephardic Jews who are today's Black Hebrew's & White Hebrews who are called Ashkenazi Jews like Ivanka & her husband.----------------------------------

21).(r.1),(r.12),(r.15) (r.16),(r.17),(r.31),(r.36),(r.39),(r.40),(r.41)(r.5),(r.7)(r.29),(r.35), ​​The Real K K K Slave Master Revealed & are the Cherokee Indians W O W !---------------



Hillary’s Sick Slave Secret Out After Someone Noticed What Black Men Were Doing At Her House