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CHEROKEES took the Americas from us by Violence but now Claim   Reparations from our Taxes for America they took from Us. even if that Lie were TRUE God said: "If you hurt someone you help THEM until they're healed", Deut. 21:18-19. Well Cherokees are healed for long enough now & must now pay TAXES & not get special Rights over us. This will HEAL America's Debt & all problems. Cherokees are DRUNK with the Blood (Tax Dollars) of the White & Black Man. No Conquering people ever paid Taxes to a People they Conquered while somehow we're paying Taxes to them. Keeping us so Poor & Regulated we Abort our Kids (fearing Child Support) while giving Cherokees $20,000 a month for Life per Child WOW! TRUMP stop unfair Business Competition see video proof------------------------- 

       Black & White Americans are the Real HEBREWS, 
                      (Hos.4:6), Owned America First

& we came to repopulate the Earth by order of God in Gen.9:18 & when we came to repopulate the Earth there was nobody here because everybody was dead after being drowned by Noah's flood & we were in the Americas before THE CHEROKEE INDIANS Came & took it from The Indians Called The Others (Shem & Japheth/Black Hebrews/Chinese & White Gentiles) so when Christopher Colombus came back & took America back from The Cherokees he was simply doing what Moses & Joshua were doing by taking Canaan back from The Canaanites in The Book of Joshua Deut. Ch.7 & Josh. Ch.2 because all of Earth is originally called The Land of The Hebrews Gen.43 because Yahweh Gave the Earth to Shem & Japheth (The Jew & Gentile/The Black Hebrews & The White Gentiles) Ham & his son Canaan were cursed & disinherited. So we don't owe The Cherokees any Reparations, make them pay Taxes. Exo.12:49.