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The White Gentiles (Japheth) & Black Hebrews (Shem) the 2 Sons of Noah             were in the Americas FIRST before the Lying Cherokees, (r.42).

The Lying Cherokees came to the Americas as Phoenicians after Shem & Japheth had come to Americas to Repopulate the World including the Americas after Noah's Flood Gen.9:18 & after the Flood had killed everybody on Earth 5000 years ago including the so-called Indians who claim to have been in the Americas 11,000 years ago & even if true they were now all Drowned & Dead. Therefore Japheth & Shem were in the Americas before the Cherokee,      (r.22). These Black & White Hebrews was mistakenly called Indians when they were discovered in the Americas by Europeans, who when they got to the Americas thought they were in India. Because in their travels they were looking for India, but these So-called Indians called the OTHERS who were here first were actually a mixture of Black Hebrews Shem/Abraham's Sons, Gen.11:ch & Gen.14:13, Chinese Shem/Lot's Sons Gen.19:ch. (r.23). & White Gentiles Japheth's Sons, Gen.10:1-5. 
Noah had 3 Sons Shem, Ham & Japheth Who travelled & the Earth for 120 years to gather all the Animals to Noah's Ark before Noah's Flood, Gen.6:ch. Noah disinherited Ham his second Son for disrespecting Noah,      (r.24). & gave Earth to Shem & Japheth who came to the Americas to Repopulate Earth & put the animals back to where they came from. Like the Polar Bear & Penguin had to put in back in the Arctic, not Africa or they Would Die & Mountain Lions were put back in the Americas etc. Gen.9:18-22. So after Shem & Japheth Repopulated the East side of Earth, they walked on the mini ice age land bridge from Europe over to the Americas going through Siberia into Alaska, then into the Americas as is proven by the artifacts left by Gentile/Europeans/Vikings & Shem the Black Hebrews & Chinese on their Journey to the Americas to Repopulate the America's side of Earth. Those Travelers are called the Eskimos (appearing Black, Chinese with Gentile Features) that remained in Alaska. & the Travelers who continued south became the Hopi, Taino (Latino) & Mayans these are descendants of Shem & Japheth.     (r.25), who are Hebrews because NOAH their Father was Hebrew. So Shem went South to the Middle East to Africa & Japheth & some of Shem went North with Japheth going to Europe Gen.10:1-5 & Shem & Japheth continued North East to Siberia over the land bridge into the Americas, especially after the volcano dust covered Europe blocking the Sun for 1000 years causing a miniature Ice Age to make a Ice Bridge between Siberia & Alaska into the Americas with Japheth (Gentiles) & Shem=Black American Hebrews & Chinese/Japanese the Sons of Lot Abraham's Nephew. Noah & his Sons were commissioned by God YAHWEH to Repopulate Earth excluding the Rebel Sons Ham & Canaan. Then after Shem & Japheth did all the work of Repopulating Earth the Phoenicians calling themselves Incas/Aztecs came to the Americas on ships & built Pyramids & started conquering & blood sacrificing Mayans (Shem & Japheth). These Cannibols that came to the Americas on Ships are the Phoenicians a mixture of Red Skinned Ishmael father of the East Indians, Arabs & Middle Easterners who while in the Americas called themselves Aztecs, those with the very White Skin was Cannon the father of the Carthagens & Arcadians & Slavs called themselves Incas. Aztecs & Incas had to Run after the Spaniards & Mayans discovered that they were (Blood Sacrificing) Canibolizing Mayans,     (r.26). The Spaniards & Mayans Destroyed the Incas & Aztecs (Phoenician) Cities & they ran to & are now in North America & renamed themselves Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, Chickasaw & Choctaw Indians. These 5 tribes are the Red skin Ishmaelites & the extra White skinned Canaanites who were cursed White for Raping Noah Gen.9:18-26. White Canaanites are a totally different Seed Line of People from the White Gentiles (Japheth). The Japhites is the Father of White American Gentiles, Gen.10:1-5 remember Gentiles can Sun Tann & Albino Canaanites can't Sun Tann ever because they're Cursed White,    (r.26). The White Gentiles of the North side of America (the Republicans) fought the Civil War to FREE us from his brother the Black Man (Shem the true Jew=Judah Jewry is Judea=Judah, Dan.5:13-16, Judah is black Jer.14:2, & Judah was wholly Carried away to Slavery on Ships for 400 years Jer.13:19, Gen.15: 13, Deut.28:68, Only the Blacks of America fit that Discription. The people who call themselves Jews & go into Synagogs are not really Jews (Judah), they are Sarphardic Jews which is Ishmael & Esau who say because they were the 1st. Born of Abraham & Isaac. So even though God himself changed the birthright from Ishmael to Isaac in Gen. 19:ch. & God also changed the birthright from Esau to Jacob (Israel). So Ishmael & Esau are false Jews Rev.3:9, Rev.2:9 & Obidiah 1:ch.

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Indians don't pay Taxes in America 
They raise Taxes high putting u out of business so only they can make money, because they don't pay Taxes & are taking all our property using Indian Judges      (r.35).

2).The Proof that though you are mixed with these Indians but you are not them Is if you pay Tax, have a Drivers License, are not Immune from Prosecution & Jail etc. u are not a real Phoenician/Babylonian
& never win in Forecloure Court like Indians win (r.36).

3).Ashkenazi Jews like Ivanka & her husband. Ashkenaz on of Japheth father of European, Gen.10:1-5 Sephardics are Ishmaelite/East Indian Jews that's why they hate Priminister Netanyahu & Ivanka & husband because they're the Real Hebrews, (r.38).

4). Solution to America's problem is to Reveal & Tax the Indians now & stop all Regulations (Slavery & regulating us & encourage abortion with Regulation fears like Childsupport while encouraging them to have Babies by giving them $20,000 a month for life per child to Have Babies wow!!      (r.52) & Eccl.12:13 Josh.1:8!


BY. Michael the Black Man 

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Black & White Americans are the Real HEBREWS, 
(Hos.4:6), Owned America & were in the 

CHEROKEES took the Americas from us by Violence but now Claim   Reparations from our Taxes for America they took from Us. even if that Lie were TRUE God said: "If you hurt someone you help THEM until they're healed", Deut. 21:18-19. Well Cherokees are healed for long enough now & must now pay TAXES & not get special Rights over us. This will HEAL America's Debt & all problems. Cherokees are DRUNK with the Blood (Tax Dollars) of the White & Black Man. No Conquering people ever paid Taxes to a People they Conquered while somehow we're paying Taxes to them. Keeping us so Poor & Regulated we Abort our Kids (fearing Child Support) while giving Cherokees $20,000 a month for Life per Child WOW! TRUMP stop unfair Business Competition.