YouTube:Russia & Nuclear War or


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C. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq6qDxJ2y84&sns=em

This is what The independent & Millinial swing Voters fear & Hillary is sneaking This past Republicans & Trump on their commercials to scare them into voting for her tell swing voters remember Ezekiel 18:17-22 & Romans 9:22-32 they are forgiven if don't vote for the wicked (Hillary) because Hillary will start World War 3

2. See Hillary say she will start Nuclear War with Russia & Iran 
See Youtube: Hillary Threatens War With Russia


A. https://youtu.be/k4aIIpCDsLU click link below if link is inactive


B. https://www.ustream.tv/recorded/92610635 or Url below



3. See Puttin say he will start Nuclear War with America If Hillary Wins Presidency


A.https://youtu.be/M84d8Io5QVA click link below if link is inactive


B.http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/92610820 or Url below


C. https://youtu.be/tE3hidqloQE



Why will HILLARY CLINTON start World War Three you ask ???

Because Hillary Wants to do One World Government with Hillary Ruling under Globalism Which Russia, China, Middle East & now Europe Hates. Hillary promises to finish Obama's attempt to Globalize the World. But Russia, China & all those nations will Destroy America because they don't want to lose their wealth, their armies that protects them from America arresting them from Obama & Kerry charging & announcing President Puttin & other Leaders with War Crimes
& they don't want to lose Sovereignty of their countries, so if the Mother of Harlots (Hillary) Rules by winning this election, God will put it in their hearts to fear & Hate her for trying to humble them & they are going to fight World War 3 (Armageddon) to save themselves & destroy America & the World with Atomic Bombs Rev.17:ch. & 2Pet.3:5- 12. The Devil deceived the Whole World Rev.12:7-9 by making us believe Trump=War when it's really Hillary=WAR. & now to win the Election is accusing Trump & brothers falsely about women's problems to give them the excuse to vote against Trump without looking Fearful but they are really voting against Trump because of their FEAR of Judgement Day/Armageddon WAR! By Falsely accusing Trump of being a War Monger that's why Hillary keeps saying on Liberal Media with Fox repeating naively that Trump might push the Nuclear button & she says she won't put boots on the ground in Middle East which is the vally of Jehosaphat this comforts the Independants, who fears Armageddon & don't want Judgement day because of slavery Eze.18:17-22 & Rom.9:22-32. Trust me God & the Black Man (Just-Us=Jesus) has forgiven u. So stop being fearful Before u vote for Hillary & send us all to HELL Rev.21:8 The fact is she knows that she wants Armageddon deliberately just being President to start War because God has said she will not be saved, so because she's doomed she wants everybody to be Killed with her she's Mad Rev.2:20-23.
Hillary is Deceiving the whole world into thinking Trump will start war when the real reason she wants u to vote her in as President is because she wants permission from God because we will be voting against Gods Law 1Tim.2:11-15, Deut.30:19, Josh.24:15, Isa.5:20, Jer.7:24 Rev.14-17 & especially Job 1st & 2nd chapter where God gives Satan permission to test us & if we choose Satan as President we have chosen Death & as President she has the power to start World War 3 & put us all to Death & because God said she will not be saved because she won't repent Rev.2:20-22 so because she is doomed she wants everybody to die with her by choosing Hillary your choosing death because u will have given her the power to start World War 3, Armageddon & Fire) 2Peter 3:4-14 God said I set before you life and death choose you this day life & serve God Deut.32: & Josh.24:15 the Trilateralist plans to bring earths population down from now 7 Billion to 700 Million & the only way to do that is through a Nuclear war which is why they (Gov.) have built these under ground nuclear resistant Bunker cities for them only to survive the War ( https://www.facebook.com/michaelwarns/posts/1069691713149787 )
Hillary is fighting for her life (running for President) because if she loses her & her friends are going to Jail saith Trump at 2nd Debate & Rev.20:ch. we the people must overwhelmingly vote for Trump because if we look like we barely choose Trump (Straddling the fence = luke warm) we go to HELL Rev.3:14-17 because she will cheat to win to save her life. White Republicans are not afraid of Judgment because they fought to Free us so by Hillary saying Trump will start War sneaks pass Republicans & Trump & it doesn't faze them the way it scares the guilty feeling Independents, Ma lineals & some Christian Right Swing Voters THIS IS HILLARY's BIGGEST TRICK because Trumps Women's accusations can't be worst than what Hillary has done just an excuse to vote for no WAR without looking like COWARDS! The Fearful & unbelieving are going to HELL Rev.21:8 & East Indians (Ishmael) Repent & be saved!

U must keep Gods Law/The Constitution
Trump's Female problems are phony because God's Law says in Deut.19:15-18, Exo.22:10 &
the Constitution art.3 sec.3#1. says u must have 2 eye witnesses to prove Guilt.

Concerning Trump's Statement about women ECCLESIASTES 7:14-16 God says "don't be over righteousness to Destroy thy self". God also said "Be wise as the Serpent" (Bill & Hillary is actually Guilty of horrendous evil doings yet Demoncrats hold themselves not Guilty Zechariah 11:5. U conservatives vote Trump & don't let Hillary destroy us all!!!
Abraham, King David & Solomon all had women problems even Jesus is accused of Mary Magdalene the prostitute & yet is the greatest Leader of all. Rev.12:10. U Republicans saved us Blacks from Slavery, now don't u dare vote us & ur selves back into Slavery under this hideous Hillary the KKK/Communist & that's an order!!! Send this to everybody!

Warning Hillary is the Devil Rev.17:ch. & Rev.2:20
Michael the Black Man message to the 5 million YAHWEHS (HEBREW ISRAELITES) nation wide.
YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH's Prosecuter Scruggs who acted under Democrat U.S. Atty. Janet Reno appointed by Clinton the killer of Black People & Jailer of YAHWEH & 1.2mill. Black Men under laws created by Clinton in the 90s who called Blacks super predators that must be brought to heel (calling Blacks Animal) Scruggs has now since been disbarred & Jailed for perjury against Black leaders like YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH. See this URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx01dHQmSH8&sns=em
Remember Hebrews YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH said "In the days of Egypt YAHWEH saved us! this time we have to find & save YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH". Democrats took him then said he died with no proof of his Death & probably have him hidden & only a Republican President White Gentile like Trump & us can go get him like we did for ourselves during the time of Cyrus delivering Black Hebrews Isa.45:1-5 from Babylon & stopping slavery through the Civil war. Luke 19:27 to all Hebrews if u don't help u are going to HELL!!
Message to the Illuminati, Globalists & Masons especially The 33rds Rev.12:7-9 Hillary Deceived the whole World u think that your plan to take earth population down to 700,mill people using Nuclear War while your safe in an underground city that can hold 700 million people. But remember your calculations of 1033rd miles per second that the earth spins on its axis which is used to calculate its target will be knocked out of whack . Why because it takes two nuclear bomb's to hit at the same time to throw the earth off of it's normal spin to either slow down or speed up which means the target calculations will be off & Hillary knows u will all be hit. She's committing suicide deliberately because those Bunker cities can't take a close Bomb hit & She's doing this because she's sick unto death & because Rev.2:20 says she will not be saved because she will not repent. So because she has to die she wants everybody to die with her by starting the nuclear war!! Your Masonic calculations are off by a 33rd Degree LOL !

See 10 Videos of Black Leaders against Hillary/ Democrats & for Republicans/Trump see URLs.
1. YAHWEH only supported Republicans & always WON!! See URL https://youtu.be/Glr56QHKQKY
2. Minister Farakahn hates Hillary about her Destroying Haitians & Kadafi see URLS below. https://youtu.be/GONP-CfO8Z0
3. Minister Farakahn is for Trump. see URL https://youtu.be/70PZfTjkFL4

4. Black Lives Matter leader Hillary see URL. https://www.facebook.com/MauriceBigBoss/posts/1042704855850094
5. Dr. Cornel West against Hillary Clinton see URL. https://news.vice.com/article/cornel-west-says-civil-rights-leaders-that-support-hillary-clinton-have-lost-their-way
6. Black Liberation Marchers Chant 'Don't Vote for Hillary, She's Killing Black People'. see URL. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/07/26/exclusive-video-blm-marchers-chant-dont-vote-hillary-shes-killing-black-people/
7. Black Leaders Hillary Racists See URL below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7_fUPns_u0&app=desktop
8. Jesse Jackson thanks Trump=helping Blacks for 30 yrs. see Youtube URL: https://youtu.be/Aip1mYT3uwk or http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/92652867
9. Gen. Colon Powell against Hillary. See URL https://www.facebook.com/MauriceBigBoss/posts/1058284574292122.
10. Michael the Black Man interview=Trump. See URL below. http://www.bizpacreview.com/2016/09/02/remember-jesse-jackson-praised-trump-commitment-diversity-yeah-neither-385142
Sons of Perdition must be Revealed or Black & White won't Unite 2Thess.2:1-11
Warning: The Sons of Perdition is Ishmael (Father of all Arabs & East Indians) is Killing Whites & Blacks arround the World & coming down with Great Wrath because his Rulership time is short Rev.12:10-11. See URL
http://www.honestfact.com/wake-up-article.html for this whole article
Hillary "Rodman" Clinton her middle name is her maiden name RODMAN is the Rothschilds who with Rockafella & JPMorgan were the financiers of SLAVERY & the KKK see gods2.com Zechariah.11:5&6 they Kill us & hold themselves not Guilty. Rev.12:10 Hillary & Media accuses falsely Trump of the Racism & Womanizing talk that that HILLARY & Bill is Guilty of! 5:20 Cursed u for calling good evil & evil good. Jeremiah 7:24 u are gone backwards & Jer. 4:22 says ur foolish. Ezekiel 2:ch. warn u!

Hillary will start World War 3

Judgement Day