Real K K K Slave Master Revealed & is the Cherokee! The Real Reason Trump ran for President! Black& White Americans are really Hebrews,(Hos.4:6)&were in America before Cherokees.Solve America's Debt. make all Indians pay Taxes! Trick: we're all mixed with them, we pay taxes they don't & they Hate us,     (r.36)! &------------------------------------------------ 

The Real K K K Slave Master Revealed & are the Cherokee Indians see Trump vid.The real reason Trump ran for President!!


{Go to numbered reference page for proof of this info below on # A}

White Gentiles inherited LIES, Isa.16:19. The Lie is Gentiles were the Slave Masters Cherokee were &              are the Slave Masters Rev.12:7-9. (r.1).---------------

1). Question: Are White Gentiles the starters of the  KKK? Answer: No! Cherokee were the KKK!! (r.2)------- 
2). Question: Are Cherokee's going to Hell?Answer:       No! Everybody can be Saved but must Repent   Rev.7:9-13!

Sons of Perdition (Cherokee Senators) must be Revealed & moved out the way to make Black & White Unite 2Thess.2:1-6. Matt.25:32 . No Race Wars        or God Kills Earth by Fire 2Pet.3:6-15!!

OBAMA, CLINTON & AL FRANKEN etc. are Cherokee & Infiltrating Republicans McCAIN, JEFF FLAKE & ROMNEY etc. are White hidden MORMON/CHEROKEES 
acting like their Gentiles! We're all mixed with them but we pay taxes they don't etc. & they Hate us,(r.36)!

A.) Question: Who are these WHITE & Red Cherokee?
B.) Answer: Cherokees are Phoenicians who are a group of 2 main (r.peoples 
1. White Cherokees are Biblical Cursed White Canaanites (Canon) Slav or Peoples who came to the Americas calling themselves Phoenicians Incas &               changed name to Cherokee!-----------------------------
2. Red Cherokees are disinherited Ishmael, Gen.19ch. Father of Arabs, Pakistanis & East Indians, (r.1).
White Canon & Red Ishmael Married together, Gen.36:1-5. called Hyksos, (Hagarenes Ps.83:1-9). When Murdering Cannibalism was Discovered they ran from justice & changed their name to Egyptian then Philistines, next Babylonians, next Asians/Slavs (Red & White Indians) then Phoenicians, then came to the Americas & called themselves Inca&Aztec, in North America then called themselves the five Indian tribes: Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, Chickasaw & Choctaw Indians. All five tribes are the same peoples the Illuminati & Masons hidden from Justice So when I say Cherokee it's all five Tribes. The Real Slave Masters of Blacks, (r.8). Cherokees who look White Deceived the World into blaming White Gentiles for Slavery Rev.12:7-9. But YAHWEH's 1st. book called You are not a Nigger pg.29 paragraph 2 Reveals the Truth which is the real White people who had Blacks as Slaves were White Canaanites (Canon-Slavs) not White Gentiles who's totally different from Canaanites!!
Canaanites are Sons of Ham (Father of Africans) Grandson of Noah, Gen.10:6. Cannon Cursed White for disrespecting our father Noah Gen.9:18-28, (r.9).

White Gentiles were not the Black Man's 
        Slave Masters Cherokee's were!---------------------

1). Sir John Hawkins & his Ships were Cherokee/Creek Indians & had the first & only Ships of Slaves to Africa. His ship was called The Good Ship                     JESUS, (r.10).-----------------------------------------
2). Jefferson Davis President of Confederate Slave States, Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee, Albert Pike & Stand Waite, all Cherokee, (r.11).------------------
3). John Ross Cherokee's Cheif was the Confederate Military fought to keep Blacks as Slaves, (r.12).
4). Asa Carter KKK Founder, (r.13). Judge Thomas Jone's Court office Where KKK was started, along                                        with--------------------------------------------
5). Richard Reed, Calvin Jones & James Crow 3 of the 6 White men that founded the KKK in 1866 in Polaski Tennessee on pg. 35, 2nd paragraph of Book White Power White Pride, Cherokee, (r.14).
6). They wore face covering Klan hats that looked like Indian T Pee Tents to tell each other that they are Indians while at the same time hiding that they are   Cherokee.
7). Segregationist George Wallace, Bull O'Connor police who beat Martin Luther King's crowd at       Alabama's bridge was Cherokee, (r.15).
8). Dem. Senator Robert Byrd was KKK Grand Wizard, Clintons & VP. Al Gore fought Civil Rights are Cherokee, (r.16).
9). Hillary had Slaves in Arkinsaaw Governor's Mansion & Bill signed Laws that put 1.2 mil. Black Men in Jail, Hillary called Black Men Super Predators & called Obama a Nigger. The Clinton's are Cherokee,           (r.17, r.46, r.47 & r.48 google).----------------------
10). Infiltrating Republicans like Senator McCain, Jeff Flake & Susan Collins etc. are Cherokee Mormons who are 6% of the Republican Senate. The Mormons             are Cherokee, (r.18).----------------------------------- 
11). Mormons created by a Cherokee named Joseph                         Smith, (r.19).-------------------------------------
12.Obama the shape shifting mason who acts Black             but is Cherokee, (r.20).--------------------------------

These Cherokees are killing Black Men & White Gentiles all over America. Example Police are Killed by Ishmaelite (Radical Islam Arabs, East Indians & Cherokees) who look Black but are really them & Black Men who are Killed unjustly by what appears to be white police are not Gentiles but are actually them, (r.50). So Black & Blue lives Matter. Remember every Riot originated with East Indians, Arabs, Ishmaelite Jews & Slav/Canaanites the Cherokees. They're coming down with Great Wrath because they have but a short time to repent before brothers Black & White wake up & Unite & get our Justice Rev.12:10-12!!
Remember they're killing us Every Cop that appears to be White Gentile that kills a Black Man unjustified is not a Gentile they were all East Indian/Arab or White Cherokee/Slavs. The way u know it's a Slav is checked their Slav or Cherokee ancestry & their East Indian names end with Vowel, example India, Coma sutra & Raja etc. who are our killers example:

1). Palm Beach East Indian Cop named Raja (East Indian name) shot a Black Man while sitting in his car broke down on the expressway. 
2). In Ferguson black brother shot for pushing Indian In store, officer Darren Wilson (Wilson is a Cherokee Name (r.42 or check) Officer Wilson is an over White Slav Cherokee (r.43 or check), acting like a Gentile to let them take the Blame & be Protected!
3). Black in New Jersey reported by Arab store owner for selling a cigarette In front of Arab store & choked to death by police with an Indian female police sergent in charge giving the orders, google!
4). Six Cops break black guys back 3 White Cops & 4 Indians appearing to be black & Cops in Baltimore etc., google!
5). Ishmaelite ((East Indian) Prosecutor in Wisconsin named---ISHMAEL OZAINI WOW!! refused to press charges on Cop that he said didn't follow police procedures & wrongly shot black kid to death. Caused a Big Riot, google!
6). North Miami Beach A Black laid on his Back with hands in the air but officer Johnathan Aliada shoots him on camra with an AR15 another East Indian, google!
7). Ishmael & Cannon supplies Black Men with Drugs They own all the stores in Black & White neighborhoods & are the ones who does the Drive by Shootings on Blacks because they owe them Drug Money that's never Prosecuted & calling it black on black crime & when in actuality it's Ishmael & Cannon on Blacks Crime. Their Guns can't be traced because of their UCC most favorable Immigrant Act Diplomatic Status & Safe Zones the Money, the Lawyers & the Judges are them & they hold themselves not Guilty, Zech.11:5. Like FBI Comey is trying to do President Trump, Sessions & Kushner, without the Constitution Law of needing 2 witnesses to same act, Article 3.sec.3.#1. & Deut.19:15-19 they just falsely accuse us Rev.12:10-12, while holding Hillary, Obama & Lynch world witnessed Guilt not Guilty Zech.11:5. That's why they're panicking about President Trump winning the Elections to Drain the Swamp & save Blacks, (r.49). especially after BLACKS FOR TRUMP's Michael Reveals the Cherokee! 
White & Red CHEROKEE INDIANS & East Indians & are shape shifting Masons & Illuminates Acting like they're Black Americans or White Gentiles) But are really Cherokee Ware Wolves in Sheep's Clothing that's why they are called Lone Wolves, Matt.7:15. The White Canaanite side of these Cherokee Indians pretend to be White Gentiles to make Gentiles look like the Racist Slave Masters & have them Destroyed for lack of Knowledge Hosea 4:6. Cherokees Deceived us by controlling what we learn, Rev.12:7-9. Harvard University was the 1st. College in America & owned by the Cherokees as are most Colleges, (r.29), by Indian Cherokee Princess Pocahontas's who's like India's Princess Roxane are the same people, Cherokees are East Indians, (r.21). They told the Gentile Leaders they are Abraham's first born Gods chosen & are the teachers of Civilization & Democracy to Alexander the Great the Greeks who taught the Romans & Europeans, so now they will teach America, (r.31). & with this Cherokee's tricked Gentiles by convincing White Gentiles into allowing them to control our Kids Curriculum that cause us & our Children to inherit School Taught Lies, like the Lie that White Gentiles were the Slave Traders & Slave Masters & Gentiles have White Privilege, Isa.16: 19, Hos.4:6 & 2Thess.2:11. But when you visit Tea Party (Deplorable) meetings they feel Reverse Discrimination While Blacks feel Discrimination all the exact same Complaints about the Banks, Judges, IRS & Establishment but we can't see the Cherokees Oppressors. In order to Win any War u must Know ur Enemy. That's why Cherokee Democrats like Obama won't say ISIS, they say ISLE & won't say Radical Islam. To keep us from knowing the Canaanite & Ishmaelite enemies the people that had Blacks in Slavery. That Hillary the Canaanite calls Blacks Super Predators & KKK Cherokees like Senator Robert Byrd calls Blacks Niggers & White Gentiles Hillary calls Deplorable's & Senator Robert Byrd calls White Gentiles White Niggers, (r.32). These Black People & White Gentiles are the ones that are Regulated & in Slavery to High Taxes today Paying these High Taxes to the Cherokee Indians called Reparations.

The White Gentiles (Japheth) & Black Hebrews (Shem) the 2 Sons of Noah were in the Americas FIRST before the 
              Lying Cherokees, (r.42).----------------------------

The Lying Cherokees came to the Americas as Phoenicians after Shem & Japheth had come to Americas to Repopulate the World including the Americas after Noah's Flood Gen.9:18 & after the Flood had killed everybody on Earth 5000 years ago including the so-called Indians who claim to have been in the Americas 11,000 years ago & even if true they were now all Drowned & Dead. Therefore Japheth & Shem were in the Americas before the Cherokee,(r.22). These Black & White Hebrews was mistakenly called Indians when they were discovered in the Americas by Europeans, who when they got to the Americas thought they were in India. Because in their travels they were looking for India, but these So-called Indians called the OTHERS who were here first were actually a mixture of Black Hebrews Shem/Abraham's Sons, Gen.11:ch & Gen.14:13, Chinese Shem/Lot's Sons Gen.19:ch. (r.23). & White Gentiles Japheth's Sons, Gen.10:1-5. Noah had 3 Sons Shem, Ham & Japheth Who travelled & the Earth for 120 years to gather all the Animals to Noah's Ark before Noah's Flood, Gen.6:ch. Noah disinherited Ham his second Son for disrespecting Noah, (r.24). & gave Earth to Shem & Japheth who came to the Americas to Repopulate Earth & put the animals back to where they came from. Like the Polar Bear & Penguin had to put in back in the Arctic, not Africa or they Would Die & Mountain Lions were put back in the Americas etc. Gen.9:18-22. So after Shem & Japheth Repopulated the East side of Earth, they walked on the mini ice age land bridge from Europe over to the Americas going through Siberia into Alaska, then into the Americas as is proven by the artifacts left by Gentile/Europeans/Vikings & Shem the Black Hebrews & Chinese on their Journey to the Americas to Repopulate the America's side of Earth. Those Travelers are called the Eskimos (appearing Black, Chinese with Gentile Features) that remained in Alaska. & the Travelers who continued south became the Hopi, Taino (Latino) & Mayans these are descendants of Shem & Japheth. (r.25), who are Hebrews because NOAH their Father was Hebrew. So Shem went South to the Middle East to Africa & Japheth & some of Shem went North with Japheth going to Europe Gen.10:1-5 & Shem & Japheth continued North East to Siberia over the land bridge into the Americas, especially after the volcano dust covered Europe blocking the Sun for 1000 years causing a miniature Ice Age to make a Ice Bridge between Siberia & Alaska into the Americas with Japheth (Gentiles) & Shem=Black American Hebrews & Chinese/Japanese the Sons of Lot Abraham's Nephew. Noah & his Sons were commissioned by God YAHWEH to Repopulate Earth excluding the Rebel Sons Ham & Canaan. Then after Shem & Japheth did all the work of Repopulating Earth the Phoenicians calling themselves Incas/Aztecs came to the Americas on ships & built Pyramids & started conquering & blood sacrificing Mayans (Shem & Japheth). These Cannibols that came to the Americas on Ships are the Phoenicians a mixture of Red Skinned Ishmael father of the East Indians, Arabs & Middle Easterners who while in the Americas called themselves Aztecs, those with the very White Skin was Cannon the father of the Carthagens & Arcadians & Slavs called themselves Incas. Aztecs & Incas had to Run after the Spaniards & Mayans discovered that they were (Blood Sacrificing) Canibolizing Mayans, (r.26). The Spaniards & Mayans Destroyed the Incas & Aztecs (Phoenician) Cities & they ran to & are now in North America & renamed themselves Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, Chickasaw & Choctaw Indians. These 5 tribes are the Red skin Ishmaelites & the extra White skinned Canaanites who were cursed White for Raping Noah Gen.9:18-26. White Canaanites are a totally different Seed Line of People from the White Gentiles (Japheth). The Japhites is the Father of White American Gentiles, Gen.10:1-5 remember Gentiles can Sun Tann & Albino Canaanites can't Sun Tann ever because they're Cursed White, (r.26). The White Gentiles of the North side of America (the Republicans) fought the Civil War to FREE us from his brother the Black Man (Shem the true Jew=Judah Jewry is Judea=Judah, Dan.5:13-16, Judah is black Jer.14:2, & Judah was wholly Carried away to Slavery on Ships for 400 years Jer.13:19, Gen.15: 13, Deut.28:68, Only the Blacks of America fit that Discription. The people who call themselves Jews & go into Synagogs are not really Jews (Judah), they are Sarphardic Jews which is Ishmael & Esau who say because they were the 1st. Born of Abraham & Isaac. So even though God himself changed the birthright from Ishmael to Isaac in Gen. 19:ch. & God also changed the birthright from Esau to Jacob (Israel). So Ishmael & Esau are false Jews Rev.3:9, Rev.2:9 & Obidiah 1:ch.--------------

Other Readings:

1).Cherokee High TAX Communist Trick!
Indians don't pay Taxes in America 
They raise Taxes high putting u out of business so only they can make money, because they don't pay Taxes & are taking all our property using Indian                 Judges (r.35).

2).The Proof that though you are mixed with these Indians but you are not them Is if you pay Tax, have a Drivers License, are not Immune from Prosecution &                Jail etc. u are not areal- Cherokee/Phoenician/Babylonian& never win in Forecloure Court like Indians win (r.36).-----------------

3).Ashkenazi Jews like Ivanka & her husband. Ashkenaz on of Japheth father of European, Gen.10:1-5 Sephardics are Ishmaelite/East Indian Jews that's why they hate Priminister Netanyahu & Ivanka & husband because they're the Real Hebrews,                                      (r.38).----------------------------------

4). Solution to America's problem is to Reveal & Tax the Indians now & stop all Regulations (Slavery & regulating us & encourage abortion with Regulation fears like Childsupport while encouraging them to have Babies by giving them $20,000 a month for life per child to Have Babies wow!! (r.52) & Eccl.12:13                        Josh.1:8!------------------------------------------------

5). All Assassinations & Attempts on our U.S. Real Gentile Presidents are done by Slavs/ Asians (Canaanites/Ishmaelites), Gen.36:1 -8 todays foreparents of Cherokee Indian!-------------------------
1). John Wilks Booth (Slav) killed Abraham Lincoln!
2). Leon Czolgosz, (Slav) killed William McKinley! 
3). Lee Harvey Oswald (Slav) killed Kennedy!
4). Charles J. Guiteau (Asian) killed Garfield! .
5). Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme (Asian) Gerald Ford member of the Manson Family, attempt!
6). Richard Lawrence ((Asian) Andrew Jackson attempt!
7). John Hinckley (Asian) Reagan attempt
8). John Flamming Shrank (Slav) Shot Theodore Roosevelt attempt!
9). Samuel Byck (Slav) Nixon attempt!

Thank you:

BY. Michael the Black Man 

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